Honda Red Logo Accord All-in-One Blue Wipe Navigation Screen Cleaner with Clear Cell Phone Stand


Spray, Microfiber Cloth and Cell Phone Stand are all together. Size is 4"x1-1/2"x1-1/2" (Size like lipstick).
Cleans and polishes in-car navigation screen, cell phones screen, laptop and tablet screens on the go.
Non-Toxic and odorless. The water base alcohol-free and ammonia-free solution is safe to use.
Remove greasy fingerprints, dirt, and dust with one wipe. Especially helps clean up the phone screen from makeup residue.
The clear plastic shell protects the microfiber cloth from getting dirty, it also functions as a cell phone stand.
Brand new official licensed product. Product made in the USA.

Additional Information

UPC Code: 689324834371
Weight (lb): 1.0000
MAP Price: $12.95